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january, 2022


So we are too! Here's what to look for in 2022.

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It's going to be an art filled year. Cheers!


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New for 2022 and some old favorites revamped for the new year.

October 2021

It's October, and I see that our last update was in June, the month my husband and I decided to look for a new home in Idaho. A couple of blinks later, and here we are in Idaho, and it's October.

Moving has been a long and arduous process, but we are finally beginning to see the first of the last few things we still need to do to finalize this new chapter. I am finding more time in each day to create a new normal, a routine. You know, the things we do as a part of our daily lives. A big part of that is photographing. And picking up where I left off on other projects.

With the many trips back and forth between states, I have been able to get some decent shots along the way. I am looking forward to culling through them and turning them into reflections of what is real.

I appreciate those of you that have reached out to see how life is for us on "the other side." And I thank you for your patience in waiting for the photographs that you have asked to see. They should start flowing soon.

June 2021

Florida was GREAT and New Orleans was as gracious as ever. Looking for a second home in New Orleans, and that means some really cool photos in the future! I have always envied those lucky folks that have the luxury of shooting the area at the best times, days, moods, etc. We tourists (though I don't count myself as one) have to make do with what we get in a limited time. I am excited to find all kinds of new perspectives. ⚜️ 😃 ⚜️

March 2021

Looking forward to hitting the road next month. It will be a time for me to revisit my old stomping grounds down south. I will begin with a flight to Florida. After a week, I will drive over to my beautiful city of New Orleans for another week. I am expecting a lot of stops along the way while I wax nostalgic over different places. I am to get some photos while on the road, but shooting will not be my priority. I do not want to take time away from the experiences that I could miss if I spend too much time with my camera.

Yay, me! #excited 🚗

January 2021

New year, new things. This will be a year of rebranding for me. Nothing major, but I feel it's time to update my site as my artwork changes. It can be hard to let go of things, and it is no different with some of my older files. Perhaps I'll have some "retro" bring backs throughout the year. In the mean time, check out the "Last Chance" gallery as more will be added and/or removed.

Cheers to the New Year! 🥂

December 2020

November went by in a blur. The holidays are upon us and for the first time ever...... all my gifts are bought and delivered by December 1st. Well, I am expecting one more any day now. Looking forward to wrapping at my leisure, a couple at a time till I'm done.

I've been having a little fun trying out some different techniques with my photography. It's a learning process, like everything else. It is time-consuming; not so much the photography but the clean-up! Here's a few shots. Be gentle. This is new for me.😉

falling stars

©2020 J Craig Photos.

©2020 J Craig Photos.

balanced cookies

©2020 J Craig Photos.

©2020 J Craig Photos.

October 2020

The best-laid schemes of mice and men, go oft awry.... - Robert Burns (To a Mouse)

It is closing in at 3:00 pm in New Orleans and my plane will begin its descent soon. Instead of gathering my Nintendo DS, iPad, book, and assorted snack items, I am home at my desk, taking care of a few things that I thought would be put off for a week or so. Hurricane Delta is closing in on the Yucatan Peninsula. She is expected to hit the Gulf Coast later in the week. My greatest hope is that she spins herself into an exhausted state of disrepair before she hits land.

After the exhausting task of canceling everything from airline tickets to dinner reservations (and making sure our funds will be returned ☺️), I am spending the next couple of days working out when we will re-book. I won't give up. After all, I have pictures to take!

A moody autumn day on the bayou. ©J. Craig Photos

July 2020

We had a great time on the road. I have spent the majority of my computer time on developing photos that I took along the road. So many cool places! We stopped often and found some real gems. I think my all-time favorite place to see was the Historic District in Rupert, Idaho. We found a real town square! It was exciting to me when we pulled in and figured out what exactly we were seeing. The square was lined by historic buildings/businesses on each street around it. In the square itself, people were picnicking, sitting on benches reading, or lying around in the sun. It was perfect. Almost as if I had stepped into a page of one of my books.

Small town America. We saw a lot of these last month. We met people, we were served in small local restaurants, gas stations, shops, and parks. It made me fall in love with my Country all over again. I can hardly wait to be able to hit the road again!

Rupert Idaho Historic District

Historic Town Square. Rupert, Idaho

June 2020

What happened to May, anyway? The days have been a little blurred with the pandemic, but really! I seem to have misplaced a whole month.

With the house sitter in place, and the route drawn out, I am taking a road trip to the Texas Hill Country later this month. It will be good to get out and take some landscape photos! I am not, by nature, a car trip person but thinking of shooting keeps me from rethinking the trip. I do get to fly home, so there is that.

I am already excited to develop the photos, and I haven't even taken them yet. I am convinced that the best part of a trip is the anticipation - for me anyway.

I'll be posting mobile pics on my FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages until I can get the real photos developed and uploaded.

PS - Right now I am happy that my shooting has been limited to florals in my yard - they may be gone by the time I return. My house sitter isn't known for having a green thumb, but he'll do his best. 😄 🥀🌺


April 2020

Who would have imagined what was in store for us all this spring? We barely made the Black and White Photography judging before the state was put under a "stay at home" order. As it was, it was a little awkward for us all being new to the social distancing concept. The winners and honors were emailed out and put on the art center's website with hopes that a "in person" award ceremony can be held when this is over.

I have been spending a lot of time getting up close and personal with flowers. Buying, planting, growing, and of course, shooting. The options are endless and the results are satisfying. I am especially focused on the lines and patterns that make a flower unique. Here are a couple of shots I have made in the last few weeks. Cheers to nature!

Gebera Daisy petals

Gebera Daisy

Curvy Lenten Rose

Lenten Rose

Margarita Yellow African Daisies

Margarita Yellow African Daisies

Columbine Stamens


March 2020

Rows of crows on a phone wire outside of an old building.

Vancouver, BC ©2019 J CraigPhotos.

B&W Photography Contest

I am honored to have been asked back as a judge at the 2020 HS Black and White photography contest at Schack Art Center, Everett, Washington. I just love to see the photos that these up-and-comers are shooting!