So you have a beautiful print, spend good money to have it framed, maybe even rearrange things in your home around it, only to walk by one day in the right light and notice that it has warped. The natural assumption would be that the paper it is printed on is not of good quality, or that maybe it isn't quite filling or filling the frame/matting as it should. 

It is so disappointing. 

This warping is typically caused by humidity in the air. This horrible print is one of mine and an extreme example, but it certainly illustrates the problem.

Example of warping in a framed print.

Extreme example of warping.

I kind of knew this was going to happen because I was buying it for my kitchen, a high humidity area. And guess what? It did.

Photos can be purchased as mounted prints, which is almost always a good idea. Various labs offer multiple types; fibered boards (mat boards), plastic styrene, masonite, and foam standouts. An adhesive is used on the ordered backing which prevents any warping. Yes, it does cost a little more but it is worth it.

So whether you are purchasing a print from J Craig Photos., or printing one of your photo treasures, do yourself a favor and check out the mounting options the lab you are using has to offer. Be sure to check with the lab that the mounting thickness will not interfere with your framing before ordering.