July 2, 2020

Gastown's Iconic Steam Clock

About the Photo
Steam Clock, Gastown, Vancouver BC Canada

Vancouver, BC

is one of my favorite places to visit. One of my go-to's in Vancouver is Gastown; a funky, artsy neighborhood riddled with restaurants and nightlife, souvenir and interior deco shops, boutiques, and yes.... tourists. I love the "vibe". In contrast to where I stay in the Robson neighborhood, Gastown has a very different personality. Where Robson is sleek and sophisticated, Gastown is gritty and funky. Where Robson is bustling with shoppers, Gastown is a more relaxed and intimate place with cobblestone streets, smaller boutiques, and places to explore.

This Steam Clock is one of the things unique to Gastown. It was built in 1977 on the corner of Camby and Water streets. The clock sits on a steam grate that covers a part of Vancouver's steam heating system. In short, the steam, along with some electricity, operates the clock. Every quarter-hour the clock whistles the Westminster Chimes and blows a single whistle on the hour. Steam comes out of the top adding to the experience. It's fun to watch, we like to watch while we are waiting for our place in a restaurant.

Be sure to put Gastown on your list if you plan on going to Vancouver. It's easy to get to; taxis are plentiful. A wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. Click HERE for a great guide on what to see, do, and eat while there.