The Southern Live Oak

April 1, 2020 About the Photo

These oaks

were planted in the early 18th century. At roughly 300 years old, they are closing in on middle age. There are 14 trees on each side of the walkway, a truly spectacular sight. This is a view looking from the house towards the levee and the Mississippi River.

In practicality, oaks provided shade, wood, food, and wildlife shelter. Yet there is more to the oaks than practicality.

Oaks have been the focus of worship throughout the ages. The Druids of old worshiped the oaks, holding weddings under them for good fortune and happiness. Fallen acorns were eaten in order to see into the future. Signs were given and futures told from the gods through the oaks. Because it was believed that wisdom and clarity were given to those under the canopy of the oaks, important meetings were held there and disputes settled.

While I don't worship the oaks, I do appreciate the energy that surrounds them. Old and graceful, they have a calm and quietness that I love. What a great place to grab a lawn chair and open a good book. What do you like to do under the oaks?

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