August 31, 2020

48" and Taller

About the Photo

A cold, closed park.

wooden rollercoaster

The first hill.

wooden rollercoaster

Douglas Fir structure.


while the park was closed so I could get some shots, but I couldn't stay long as we realized that security was roaming the site. It was a little creepy with just the two of us skulking around so I wasn't too sad to take off.

Built plank by plank with Douglas Fir in 1958, this 2,840 ft. extreme class rollercoaster is rated in the top 15 rollercoasters in the world.

The coaster's 16 passenger train is powered by a 75hp electric motor (built in 1928) up its first hill, which is 75 feet. After that, it's all momentum and gravity. Its max speed is 45mph for a ride lasting 90 seconds through dips, banks, horseshoe turns, and a reverse curve.

People seem to love it. It is very popular drawing roughly half a million people yearly. As for me? I'll stay on the ground and take pictures. I think the patterns of the wooden boards and the dips and turns are beautiful, and that's good enough for me. However, if you are so inclined, you can find this spectacular ride at Playland at the PNE in Vancouver, British Columbia.