November 2, 2020

"It's Dead," They Said.

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© 2020 J Craig Photos. Landscape at Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake, Utah.

 "one of the great views on the American continent" - John Muir                          

Never having wanted

to visit the Great Salt Lake, I decided to take a detour to check it out since I was in the neighborhood. WOW! One of those decisions that I am so glad I made.

I began to feel as though I was in for a really cool experience while crossing the causeway to Antelope Island. There was nothing but blue sky and water on each side of the car. It was only an arm of the surrounding mountains told us where the separation was. We stopped on the side of the causeway so I could shoot. I thought these might be the best shots I would get off. Was I ever wrong!

I have always heard that the Great Salt Lake had little to no life in or around it. The first place we entered proved this idea to be wrong. Miles and miles of gorgeous plant life, reptiles, birds, and bison were just a few pieces of life we saw while there. There are numerous species of both plants and animals that make their home here. The lake itself is teeming with Brine Shrimp, a primary food source for migrating birds.

Roughly 15,000 square miles and an average of 13 feet deep, Great Salt Lake is a mind-boggling place. It is a big, quiet place. It certainly belongs to the life that it sustains.

Though just taking in the views is an activity in itself, you can also enjoy swimming, sailing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, birdwatching, and camping. And of course, photography. You can also catch a tour, take a sunset cruise, and enjoy some eats and a beer on the southern shore. Quite an active place for being dead, wouldn't you say?

Scroll below for a quick look around the landscape from Antelope Island.

Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island, Utah.

Davis County Causeway, Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island

©2020 J Craig Photos. View from Davis County Causeway.

Wildlife at Great Salt Lake
Wildlife at Great Salt Lake