The Crocus

March 3, 2020 About the Photo

Things are happening

beneath the cold, wet, growth.

The spring Crocus blooms in the adversity of late winter, then gives way to more brilliant and spectacular flowers as the spring approaches. Later on, as summer comes to a close, the autumn bloomers emerge as a farewell salute to the seasons of growth.

In one version of Greek mythology, the Crocus was created by Hermes after the accidental death of his faithful companion, a young mortal named Krokus. It is said that Hermes transformed his body into a flower, the Crocus. In this context, it is quite fitting and natural that it is from the Crocus that we get one of the world's most expensive spices, saffron.

So, here we have a small little flower with a "royal" history that gives us a spice fit for kings. Yet it only grows and comes to bloom during the times of year that most other flowers are dead, or dying. If the Crocus were a person, I would have to say it was a humble and modest person.

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Feeling royal? To learn about growing and cultivating your own autumn Croci for saffron, click here.